September 2018 New Updates and Releases

Even though September wasn't the biggest month in terms of major releases, the technical team did work on improving previously built features. Some notable ones would be :

1. A reason for low referee marks is now mandatory if the scores provided by the match reporter is below 60. This should help the League admin find out more on how to improve referee performances.

2. While downloading a referee report card from the report section, League admin can now choose a period and the age group/s (single, multiple, all) to download referee marks separately.

3. League admins can now specify the lastest submission hour of the Match report by going to Team administration Add-on.

4. League admins now remove the rights for team admin to be able to register/upload players and the feature has also been added in the Team administration add-on.

5. Some minor improvement has gone onto payment functionality and fixture wizard.

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