April 2018 New Updates and Releases

1/ League website Mobile site:

The Dev team has worked hard and resigned the whole League Website mobile site from scratch over the month of April. After all the necessary testing we've now launched the new LW mobile site and replaced the old single color Mobile site. 

The Major update is on visual. Your mobile is more mobile device friendly than ever. Couple this with your League color scheme all over the site. This is eye candy for any visitor and you can now give all the brand integration on your mobile site just like the desktop site.

The current version is a luser-friendlydly for the visitors. So for those who are interested in things like fixtures, results and league tables, they should be able to access the information they need quite a bit more quickly than before. 

You can now upload a header suitable for the mobile version as well by going to customise> Appearance> Header and select upload your mobile header.

If you don't upload a mobile banner, the system will use the desktop one instead. 

There isn't a mobile login access unless league admin wants to team admins to log in for certain sections on the site. 

If you have other feedback regarding the site, please let us know and we'll be happy to hear from you.


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