February 2018 New Updates and Releases

1. The biggest update of the month was a major update on the Club Admin area within League Website platform. A Club can be registered to Monitor All the teams in a club, transfer players among teams and add new teams. To manage the club more effectively, we've improved the club admin area with a Club Dashboard. The Club dashboard lists all the club a person is managing with the same email address. You can view club activity and update Club name. set club Crest from this page. Clicking on one of the team will lead to traditional Team dashboard which all club admin has access to. Any team that is not a part of any club but is managed by the admin will also display on the drop-down. 

2. League admins can now make Referee Marks and teamsheets mandatory for Team admins so that it meets the FA regulations. The options can be enabled on the "team administration" Add-on. Please note, once enabled, this won't let the Team admins without submitting at least 7 players and referees must be selected beforehand. Without referee being set, the team admin won't be able to submit Referee marks.

3. League admins can now add existing teams to existing Clubs. To Do that, Simply go to Dashboard> Administration> Club Registration. Hovering over every Club will give you multiple options i.e. edit, delete and Add Teams. Click on add teams to select an existing team from your existing team directory.


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