January 2018 New Updates and Releases

We had a great start of 2018 and 2 notable features have been launched during the month of January:

1. With the improved Club entity for League website, we have now launched a Club Directory beside Team and venue Directory. You can view All the clubs and teams within the club. More functionality for Club admin dashboard are on the way.

2. "Cloning team" feature was introduced in the middle of last year to avoid Teams being stuck with one Division while they actually have to play in a mini-league or in a different Division/league. Admins could simply clone a team and assign them to a different Division. That feature have been improved constantly over the span of last 6 months and we have now Introduced "Mirror team/s" option. An admin can choose between cloning or mirroring their teams depending on their needs. While cloning a team only Creates a new copy of the team; Mirroring a team will also update the team info and player registrations when the original is updated. 

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