Why is my site not appearing on Google?

To access your site you need to enter this website address directly in to the ADDRESS BAR of your web browser, not into a search engine (e.g. Google). New websites do not automatically appear in search engines, but they do tend to get picked up over a period of time as they get used more often.

We cannot guarantee search engine listings but, to increase your chances getting your club listed, we would suggest the following recommendations:

1. Register your own domain name (e.g. as search engines give higher rankings to key words appearing in domain names rather than as a subdirectory of our domain. You can register a domain name through Club Website - this costs £25 for a two year registration.

2. Google (and other search engines) give higher rankings to pages and websites which have more links pointing to them. Therefore, we would suggest adding your club website address to other websites. For example, you may wish to add your URL to your league website. The more the better.

3. You can manually submit your site to Google via the link below:

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