Adding Additional League Administrators (League Website)

When adding additional administrators to your site you have to::

  • 1. Login as administrator and select the 'Administrators' section on your dashboard
  • 2. Firstly, click on 'Add admin' and complete the 'Administrator' details page.
  • 3. Secondly, scroll down to click on 'Login Details' and ensure you add a username and password. You will distribute these 'login details' to the new administrator once they are added.
  • 4. Thirdly, scroll down to click on 'Access Rights'. This area allows you to restrict the administrators access to various areas of the site. Simply untick all the sections that you do not want the administrator to amend.
  • 5. To complete the process, click on the 'Save' button to ensure your work is secured.


Please note: You will need to repeat steps 2-5 if you wish to add more than one administrator.

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