Team directory venue change during the season (League Website)

Changing team venue during the season:

  • 1. You can allocate each team a venue in the team directory. At the start of the season when you generate all your fixtures it will apply the venue for that team to each of that team's home matches.
  • 2. However, after the fixtures have been issued and you want to change a venue for a team it will NOT update the fixtures that you have already created if you change the venue in the team directory area. These changes will need to be done manually against each appropriate fixture for that team in the 'Scheduled' and 'Unscheduled' fixtures area.
  • 3. The reason for this is that certain teams change their venue mid way through the season. Applying a changed venue via the team directory would update all fixtures for that season, past and future. However, certain past fixture venues would be correct and would not need to be altered as they were played at the correct venue. Therefore, only future fixtures are affected.
  • 4. However, it's important that each team's venue is correct at the start of each season to keep the manual intervention to a minimum.
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