Removing a team from a division (League website)

To Remove a team form a division you have to:

  • 1. Login as administrator and enter the 'League Tables' area on you dashboard
  • 2. Click on the division name (NOT the edit button) you wish to amend and you will see 6 options appear.


  • 3. Choose the 'Teams'  option from the dropdown options available to you
  • 4. Once in the 'Teams' page, you can delete a team by clicking on the 'rubbish/trash bin' icon.


  • 5. You must 'confirm' the deletion by ticking the box in the pop-up screen that appears and then clicking the 'Confirm' button. This will confirm the team's deletion from the league.


Please note: If you delete a team it will remove the team from the league table and also remove any past and future fixtures this team are involved in. In removing the past fixtures it will remove any points other teams have accrued against them and remove all these fixtures from the teams fixtures lists along with any players and players stats.

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