Referee match report card (Beta Users Only)

How the Referee Report Card works

The Referee Report Card allows your referee's to submit a report card for any league or cup fixture via your website. You can create your own specific questions to include in the report card and specify the email address where the report cards are sent once they are submitted by the referee.

Additionally, you can create alert notifications for each question and nominate another email address to receive a copy of the report card if a response to a question raises an alert e.g. to the League Treasurer or Fines Secretary for them to take the necessary action.


Enabling/disabling the Referee Report Card feature

To enable/disable the Referee Report Card feature, and also edit the feature options, navigate to the Add-ons section located on the top admin tool bar:


Enabling the feature will:

1. Activate the feature on your administration dashboard (in the Fixture Management section)

2. Add the feature to your main website on the navigation menu under the "More" tab



Referee Report Card Options

The feature options are available to edit In the Add-ons section by clicking on the "Options" button (see above section and screenshot). The following options are available:

- Choose whether to display the feature on your navigation menu (a tick is required if you want the Referee Report Card to be visible on your main website)

- You can choose to password protect the feature if you want to restrict access to this area of the website. You can set a specific password for your referee's to access this feature

- Enter the email address of where the Referee Report Card is sent once it is submitted

- Enter the email address of where any alerts raised on the Referee Report Card is sent once it is submitted (this can be same email address as above)



Administering the Referee Report Card

Once the feature has been activated it will be accessible within your "Fixture Management" area of your dashboard:


There are a few pre-defined questions already added to the Referee Report Card for you automatically. You can also add your own game information questions, or specific questions about the home and away team, by choosing the relevant option in the "Manage" section in the top right hand corner of the page:


For each of the questions on your Referee Report Card you can add an alert if required and specify which answer given by your referee will create the alert e.g. you may ask the question "Were the football nets present and in good order?". You may then choose to add an alert to the "No" answer. When the report is submitted and this answer is given an alert notification will be created and sent to the email specified to receive alerts in the "Options" area (see "Referee Report Card Options" above).

Alert notifications can also be added where a referee enters information about a caution or a sending off.

When the Referee Report Card is submitted a full email report will be sent to the specified email address. Additionally, If it has been activated an accompanying email will also be sent if any alerts have been activated within the report. The alert notifications will be displayed at the bottom of the email.


Viewing Referee Report Cards

In addition to receiving the Referee Report Cards via email you can also view a full history of reports submitted by your referee's within your admin area. To view the reports choose the relevant option in the "Manage" section in the top right hand corner of the page (see screenshot above):


Within the history area you can:

- View Referee Report Cards for league and cup fixtures

- Search by competition, teams, date ranges and the type of referee appointment

To view a Referee Report Card click on the "View report card" link next to the the appropriate fixture and the details will display:






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