How do I create a Champions League/Round robin style competition?

You can now create a Champions League style competition from your Cup competition section. To do this, Please Create the Divison and allocate teams following the steps below (Skip the whole process if you already have teams registered in Divisions and go to "creating the competition" section).

  • 1. Enter your 'groups' as divisions by creating them in the 'league tables' area of your dashboard.

  • 2. Simply name your divisions by the names you've given your groups (e.g. Group 1, Group 2 etc..).
  • 3. Once you have created your groups, you can add the relevant teams to those groups by clicking on the relevant group name within the 'League tables' area and choosing the 'Teams' option.


  • 4. Simply click on 'Add new teams' and then select the number of teams you wish to add to your group. We have chosen four in this example and added the team names with the initials of the cup competition in brackets to differentiate them from the team that plays in the normal league fixtures (the system will not permit the 'same' team to play in a different 'division' during the same season. Group stages are classed as divisions so the addition of the cup initials after the team name allows these teams to be differentiated so they can participate).

5. Repeat This process if you've more than teams in more than one divisions. 

Creating the competition:

Now that you've all your teams are ready to take part in the competition, go to Fixture management section on your dashboard and select "Cup competition" from the list and follow the steps below:

1. Name your Cup competition and select "Round Robin" from the Type of competition. Click on "Add" button and a new competition will be added to the list below.

2. Click on Competition to expand for options and Click on "Create fixtures.

3. Put down the numbers to structure your competition and hit "Next".

4. You have to select the divisions taking part in the competition and make up the numbers of teams proposed in the previous section to proceed. Once you've made up the number of teams required, you can Hit "Next".

5. Set the point structure and click on "Preview group fixtures".

6. A list of all the games in all the groups will be displayed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Add fixture(s)" button.

7. Set the dates, "kick-off" times and venue for all the Round 1 matches.

8. You can always go "Cup results" to add/update scores as the game progress from your dashboard by selecting specific competition time to time.

9. Keep adding the scores until the round one finishes. Once finished, only then you'll be able to see the button "Create fixtures for next round". Click it to create new fixtures. You'll be given check boxes to select between a Manual or Random selection of teams for the next season.

10. You'll get a bracket fixture Preview like the picture below for the knockout round. Click on the add "Fixture for the qualifiers".

11. Add fixture for the Semi finals and final.

12. You can add results when the games are played.

13. You can switch between Standings and table view on both fixture and result page.

14. once the final scores are updated, You'll be able to easily see 1st, 2nd and other positions.

Please note:

 If you are using the SMS Results service for these group stages then you will need to add mobile numbers to each of the teams participating in the competition.


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