Using the fixtures wizard (League Website)

To use the fixtures wizard correctly, first, you need to select the number of games teams will play against each other e.g. play each other once or play each other twice etc. To select this number, go into the League Tables area, select the division and click on teams. Scroll down to ‘Number of fixtures’ and select the number.

Assuming you have assigned teams to the divisions, the next step is to assign the venues to each team. Though this is not mandatory it does bulk out the fixtures that get created by the fixtures wizard. Venues can be added to teams via the team directory.

*Note - to avoid multiple venue conflicts ensure that venues are created as a unique venue e.g. Wembley Pitch 1, Wembley Pitch 2.

Once this has been done you can begin to create fixtures. In the fixtures wizard feature, follow these next steps:

  • Select a division(s) - you can select more than one division.
  • Create slots (number of weeks games will be played) - the wizard will tell you the minimum number of slots required based on the number of teams and number of fixtures teams will play each other. Here you will also fill in the details for the slots e.g. dates, kick off time etc.
  • Confirm the slots and delete any that you don’t want to use for league fixtures. You can now preview these and schedule.
  • On the preview page, you will be able to address venue conflicts across multiple divisions that occur on certain days if you have added venues to the teams. These will be listed in red. You can adjust the time or venue of a conflicted fixture before scheduling by clicking on the information (i) button found to the right side of the fixture.


  • Once you are happy with the fixtures, they can be scheduled and will show in the league fixtures area under the ‘scheduled’ tab. Here you can make further changes to any of the fixtures.





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