Unscheduling a fixture (League Website)

To Unschedule a fixture you have to:

  • 1. Login as administrator and enter the 'League Fixtures' or 'Cup Fixtures' area on your dashboard, depending on what type of fixture you would like to 'Unschedule'.
  • 2. Once you are in your chosen fixtures area, you must locate the fixture you wish to 'Unschedule' and tick the box next to the ‘date field’ of each fixture. You can 'Unschedule' multiple fixtures at once by simply ticking multiple boxes.


  • 3. After you have ticked the necessary box(es) you must scroll down and press the ‘Unschedule’ button at the bottom of the page. After pressing the ‘Unschedule’ button, the fixture(s) will return to the unscheduled department within you League or Cup fixtures area, depending on what type of fixture you were amending.


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