Team Administration (for Team administrators)



Once a team has been successfully registered, the administrator will receive a confirmation email informing them on how they can access their team admin area.


The quickest way to do this is by clicking on the “Login” button located at the top of your league website.


You will then be required to enter your username and password.






If you are an administrator for multiple teams, a team drop down menu will appear within the team administration area. This will allow you to select which team you wish to update.




If all of your teams are not appearing in this list, please contact your main league website administrator to ensure that you have been correctly assigned administrator access rights for each of your teams.




Once logged in as a team administrator, you will be directed to the “Fixtures & Results” section. This will become your default team administrator page.


From here you can view all of your team’s league and cup fixtures.


You can sort your fixtures by month, or select “All” option to view all of your fixtures. The page will default with fixtures from your “Current month”.




Each fixture will be subject to one of the following 3 statuses:

  Icon_Pen.jpg : This will allow you to submit your match details – including match result, match official marks, team line-up, goals scorers and other player statistics, and a match report.

 Icon_Report.jpg  : This will allow you to submit (or edit) a match report only.

 Icon_Lock.jpg : This is a future fixture and will not be editable


 When you click on the Icon_Pen.jpg  icon, you will be directed to the match details page containing information relating to that specific fixture.


From the match details page, you can enter the following information:

  • Match Outcome: Chose among Normal, Abandoned, Postponed.
  • Match Details: Input scores after normal time, extra time and penalty shootout.
  • Match official marks (referee and assistant referees)
  • Match report and Attendance (for home teams only)
  • Team line-up (including player statistics)

You must submit all the scores of the league admin makes it mandatory unless the match outcome is postponed.

To submit your match details, simply complete all of the mandatory information and click on the “Save” button to submit your information.


The team administrator and league website administrator will be sent a copy of the match details information by email. However, a team administrator can click on the “i” icon to see a full breakdown of the information that they have submitted.




Please note:


i. Once your match details have been submitted, you will not be able to edit most of this information. The only information which will remain editable will be the match report.


ii. If you are a league administrator, please ensure that you administrator login details are kept up to date (as the email address associated with your profile is where the match details email will be sent).




The “Team Details” section allows you to update all of your team information – including team crest, gender, colours, team photo and website address.




In addition, it will also allow you to update your team’s main contact details. This person will be displayed on the league website’s team directory as your main team contact.






The “Venue” section allows you to update your team’s venue address.




The address will be displayed on the team’s profile on the team directory. Once you have added a valid postcode, you will be able to click on the “Get Directions” link, which will open Google maps in a new window.






You can add your team’s Facebook and Twitter links via the “Social Media” section.




Once you have added your social media links, they will appear at the foot of your team profile on the team directory.






There are 3 ways in which a player can be registered with your team. We have outlined each of the options below.


Option 1: Invite a player to register


To invite a player to register with your team, click on the “Invite players” button.



Once you have clicked the button, the following invitation box will appear:




From here, you can enter multiple email addresses for each of the players that you would like to invite. As a suggestion, you may want to simply copy and paste your email list into this section.


However, when using this feature please remember to type each email address onto on a new line, or separate them with commas.


Each invitee will be sent an invitation email containing information on how to register their player details.


They will then need click on the link contained within the email and complete the simple online player  registration form.


Option 2: Manually adding a player


Team administrators can manually add a player registration by clicking on the “Add Player” button.



From here you will be required to complete each of the steps outlined on the online player registration form (see example below).




Please note: When you are adding a player, it is a mandatory requirement that you enter a contact email address for either the player or parent/guardian. If the player does not have an email, you will need to enter an email address for the parent/guardian as part of step 2 of the registration process.

Option 3: Batch Upload (New Feature)

Team administrators can now submit Multiple player registrations by clicking on the “batch Upload” button.

Follow the instruction notes provided on this page.

You can use any spreadsheet program to edit and fill up player details. Please make sure to remove the example row after you're done adding players' information.




You can filter all of the player registration statuses by clicking on the “Status’ drop down list.




Once you have sent out an email invitation, the email contact will be assigned one of the following three different statuses. These are:



Once a player has successfully registered their details, they will be assigned a ‘padlock’. This represents that the information is locked (e.g. uneditable) and has been sent to the league administrator for approval.


If a player has been approved, they will be assigned a ‘green tick’ and appear as a registered player.


Where an individual has been sent an email invitation but has yet to successfully register their player details, a “Resend Invite” link will appear next to their email. You can resend an email invitation by clicking on the link.


Please note: Once a player has successfully registered their information, a small “i” icon will appear next to their player name.




If you click on the “i” icon it will open a box containing the relevant club information that they submitted when registering.  See example below:





All of your historical updates and edits to your team pages will be tracked via the “Recent Activity” stream. You can access the activity log via the “My Profile” section.





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