Club Registration Guidelines



Once you logged into your league administration area, please click on the “Club Registration” link located in the “Administration” section of your admin dashboard.






The “Club Registration” feature is automatically enabled as a default setting.




You can manage the “Club Registration” settings by visiting the Add-ons section and clicking on the “Options” button. Remember to click “Update” to store your changes.




From here, you can administer the following settings:


Display:  choose which additional sections you would like to activate as part of the club registration process.


Email for confirmation: this allows you to specify an email address where all club registrations confirmation emails will be sent (e.g. registrations secretary).





Note: Your payment options should be set up before you start inviting any of your clubs to register.


You can access the ‘payment options’ section by clicking on the link located in the ‘Manage’ section of your league administration area. See below:



The ‘Payment options’ page will display a summary of all of the categories which you have assigned specific price points (or “registration fees”).


You can add a new price point, by clicking on the ‘Add category’ option. This allows you to define a payment amount for your individual age groups.


For example, you may want to set your ‘Adults’ team registration fee at £60 per season, whilst your ‘Under 18s’ teams may only be charged £50 per season.




Each of your age groups can be assigned a different price point.




Please note: If you set the ‘Payment enabled’ option to “No”, then your club’s will not be required to pay a fee when registering their club information.







The ‘Payment history’ section allows you to view all of the clubs that have made a payment as part of the club registration process.




You can toggle between the payment history “Types” by selecting either the “Payments received” or “Invoices” options.




Payment Types:

Payments received

This displays all of the active payments that you have received from club registrations.



This displays a full list of all of the invoices that you have raised. It also highlights the status for each invoice, e.g. New, In Progress or Paid.




The “Invoice” payment type page allows you to view and download the specific invoices that have been generated. The invoice will contain a full breakdown of the specific teams that were registered as part of the club registration process.

Note: You will need to raise an invoice against each active payment to ensure that the funds are directly transferred to your account.




You can filter all of the club registration statuses by clicking on the “Status’ drop down list. However, please note that when you first land on the page, it will always default with the “Awaiting approval” option selected.




Once you have sent out an email invitation, the email contact will be assigned one of the following three different statuses. These are:



Once a club has successfully registered their details, they will be assigned a ‘red cross’ and will require approval by the league administrator.



If a club has been approved, they will be assigned a ‘green tick’ and appear as a registered club.



Where an individual has been sent an email invitation but has yet to successfully register their club details, a “Resend Invite” link will appear next to their email. You can resend an email invitation by clicking on the link.


Please note: Once a club has successfully registered their information, a small “i” icon will appear next to their club name.




If you click on the “i” icon it will open a box containing the relevant club information that they submitted when registering. See example below:





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