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How the SMS Text Results feature works

The SMS Text Results feature allows teams to submit league and cup results directly to your league website via any mobile device.The SMS Text Results service is free for both your league to send messages to teams and for your teams to respond with their result.

Please note - the mobile user will have to pay their usual network operating charge in order to send the text message.

If your league has enabled the SMS Text Results feature, the process will work as follows:

1. A fixture has to have a kick off time

2.  At kick off time a text message will be sent to ALL the active mobile user/s associated with the  home, away or both teams (depending on the chosen option) with the following message:

Results service:  Team A v Team B on 16 Aug 14 @ 14:00. Reply with Match ID (3009085), Home & Away scores exactly in the format: H-A e.g. ID 3009085 1-1

3. Lets assume "Team A" won the fixture 3-0 and messages were sent to both the 'home' and 'away' active mobile users. In this instance, all mobile users will need to respond (using the same format) with the following message:

ID 3009085 3-0

4. Each fixture has its own unique match ID which is linked to the corresponding fixture on your website. It is important to re-enforce to your users that the correct format is submitted. The user must include the letters ID otherwise their result submission will not be successful.

5. A result will only be accepted and recorded if the mobile number of the responder matches the mobile number of one of the active users associated with one of the teams participating in the fixture.

6. You can set a Results Deadline reminder where messages will be sent to all active users associated with a fixture where a result is still pending.

7. A mobile user who submits a result successfully will receive the following confirmation SMS Text response:

“Confirmation: Your result has successfully been submitted.”

8. A result submitted after the Results Deadline will not be accepted and the mobile user will receive the following message:

“Results service: Late submission. Your result has not been processed. Please contact the league fixtures secretary to inform them of your result”

Please note that for CUP FIXTURES only the NORMAL TIME score should be submitted e.g after 90 minutes. If the game goes in to extra time or to penalties these results should be sent to your league as previously submitted e.g. by phone. The SMS Text Results service does not cater for extra time and or penalty results, just normal time results.


Enabling/disabling the SMS Text Results feature and setting Options

To enable/disable the SMS Text Results feature and also edit the feature options navigate to the Add-ons section located on the top admin tool bar:

Enabling the feature will automatically send SMS text messages to each of the active users associated with your teams. Messages will be sent at the kick-off time on the day the fixture is played. Disabling the feature will completely stop this feature from working on your website. The SMS Text Results feature can be activated/de-activated at any time.


The Options button in the Add-ons section allows your league to manage the following functionality:

- Confirm if you want results to automatically populate your website or if you would prefer to review these results before publishing

- Set a Results Deadline of the latest time you want to receive the results from your teams (different Results Deadline times can be set for each day of the week)

- Set the time prior to the Results Deadline when a reminder message will be sent where a fixture result is still pending

- Confirm for league and cup games if you want the SMS text message sent to home team only, away team only or both home and away teams


If you choose to automatically approve all results (green tick) when a SMS text result is received it will directly update the result across your league website. These updates will update the following sections of your website: league table, fixtures & results and results grid. If you choose not to automatically approve all results, there will be an additional approvals process where you will need to manually update before the result is published across your website (please see the section Approving / Reviewing SMS Text Results for more details).

Please ensure that you set the time of your Results Deadline for each day via the options section. The Results Deadline time will determine the final cut off time in which all of your league and cup results should be submitted on a specific day. It will also act as a trigger point in which reminder results messages are sent to team administrator who have yet to submit a result.

The options will also allow you to stipulate whether a result needs to be submitted by both the 'home' and/or 'away' teams for both league and cup fixtures. Dependent on your preferred setting, a message will be sent to all of the active mobile users for each chosen team.


Administering the SMS Text Results feature

The feature can be accessed from the Administration box located on your main admin dashboard:


When you access this feature you will see a Manage section on most of the pages contained throughout the SMS Text Results pages. This provides a convenient short cut navigation to each of the main sections used to manage your SMS Text Results service. These sections will be explained in this article.



Getting started with SMS Text Results and activating team users

Clicking on the SMS Text Results link on your admin dashboard will take you to the main SMS page from where you can manage your Mobile Users:


The above page will default automatically showing all of the teams on your website (including teams not allocated to a division contained within the “Other” section). This section shows a summary of the Active Users for each team and Total Users. You can use the Division and Team drop down menus to refine your view.

To edit the Users for a team,  hover over one of your teams and the Users option will appear. If you click on this option it will take you to the Manage Mobile Users section from where you can manage the mobile users for  that specific team:


Providing that you have updated your 'Team Directory' details, the main contact for each of your teams will automatically appear in this section as an 'inactive' user. To activate your SMS Text Results service, each of your teams will require at least one “Active” user so that they can receive texts from your league and submit their results in via SMS text message.

You can add a new mobile user to a team by clicking on the Add Mobile User option in the Manage section. However,  a maximum of two mobile users can only ever be active per team at any one time.

For a user to receive messages and submit results they must be active. You can activate /de-activate a mobile user by  clicking on the 'red cross' or 'green tick'.

 If you hover over the name of a mobile user you can click on Edit to update the details of that user, e.g. name, position and mobile telephone number.


Tracking SMS Results and responses

On the Manage section clicking on the “SMS text results” option will allow you to track the activity and status of your fixtures.


From here you will be taken to the following page:

This section for both your league and cup fixtures will allow you to identify:

- How many fixtures there are on a particular date

- How many results are ready for “Approval” if you have chosen not to automatically publish your results (or if you have received any late results)

- How many results are outstanding but the Results Deadline has not yet passed

- How many fixtures still pending results have gone past the Results Deadline i.e. any further messages will not be accepted

For each option you can drill in to the information (by clicking on the appropriate field) to see the details of the specific fixture/s.


Approving/Reviewing SMS Text Results

Clicking on either the Results to Approve or Results link (highlighted above) will take you to the same location, the standard league or cup results area. From the results area you can view:

- The results that have been successfully received and automatically published on your website (green icon)

- Results that are waiting to be approved when you have set your options to manually approve results (orange icon)

- Results that are late (past the Results Deadline) and are awaiting your approval to publish (this will apply for both the manual approve and and auto approve option)

- Results that are still pending will show blank score and blank SMS column


Please note that the following conditions/rules will also apply to this feature:

1. Where multiple text message results are received from different active mobile users associated with a fixture prior to the Results Deadline (from either the home or away team) the last result received is accepted.

2. Once a result has been successfully received by one of the active users associated to a fixture (from either the home or away team) no further reminders to any other active mobile users (who have yet to respond) will be sent.


SMS Text Message History

On the Manage section clicking on the SMS text history option will allow you to view a history of both outbound messages sent by the league and inbound messages received by your active mobile users.

 This will take you to the following page:


 From here you will be able to view a full comprehensive overview of your entire SMS text message history including:

- The date a message was sent and received

- The name of the mobile user and their team

- Confirmation if a message was an inbound or outbound text message

- Confirmation of the content of the text message

- Confirmation of the status of  the text message (e.g. sent, processed, late or invalid)

- Confirmation if the text message was delivered /received successfully

- Ability to filter by date and type of fixture (e.g. league or cup)

- Ability to search by name or a mobile number


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