Batch Upload - Uploading players via the 'blank template'

Uploading Players via the Blank template:


The 'blank template' spreadsheet has two uses:

1. If you have no player data on your site and you wish to upload all your player data in one go. e.g. you are a new league joining the service.

2. If you wish to add multiple 'NEW' players to your site during the season.

Please note: Please ensure that you do not add any players to this spreadsheet that already exist on your site otherwise it will create a duplicate player. This spreadsheet is used for entering NEW PLAYERS ONLY


Adding players and registering them to teams:


  • 1.Mandatory fields are - 'RegNumber', 'Firstname', 'Lastname', 'Gender', 'DateOfBirth', 'TeamName', 'AgeGroup', 'RegStart' and 'RegType'. The registration of a player will not complete without entering this data correctly, e.g. TeamName spelt exactly as it appears on your website/ Team Directory.
  • 2. All fields requiring dates must be inputted into the spreadsheet in either of the following formats: dd-mm-yyyy  OR  dd/mm/yyyy  
  • 3. Gender must be entered as either Male OR Female.
  • 4. If you are a Youth league then the 'AgeGroup' field must be filled in as 'Under 9' , 'Under 10' , 'Under 11' etc... (a space between 'Under' and the 'age')
  • 5. If you are an Adult league then the 'AgeGroup' field must be filled in as 'Adult' and not left blank. (not Adults - not plural)
  • 6. If you are a Vets league then the 'AgeGroup' field must be filled in as 'Veteran' and not left blank. (not Veterans - not plural)
  • 7. All registered players should be displayed at the front-end (public-facing) area of the website.To ensure this is done please place 'Yes' into the 'DisplayPlayer'(column 'Z'). If this is not done, you will have to do this manually for each player after the upload has completed.
  • 8. After upload, alerts will show for any missing or invalid data entered into the mandatory fields. this gives you a chance to correct it e.g. 'RegNo', 'Firstname' ,'Lastname' , 'Gender', 'DateOfBirth' , 'AgeGroup' , 'TeamName' , 'RegStart' and 'RegType'.
  • 9. The upload will not complete and NO data will be added to your site if any of these fields are left blank or entered incorrectly.
  • 10. The fields RegID and PlayerID are for internal use only. Leave them blank for new players and don't amend them for existing players. They are used by the database to track any kind of changes made from the previous version. 


IMPORTANT - Additional information:

a) Choices of RegType: Non-Contract, Contract, Short Loan, Long Loan, Work Experience, Temporary, Lapsed, Amateur, Trialist and Unknown.

b) Choices of AgeGroup: Adult, Veteran, Under 21, Under 20, Under 19, Under 18, Under 17, Under 16, Under 15, Under 14, Under 13, Under 12, Under 11, Under 10, Under 9, Under 8, Under 7, Under 6, Under 5 and Under 4

c) RegNumber is a mandatory field. Please ensure this field is completed even if you do not normally allocate registration numbers to players.

d) ClubName: You can only register a player with a team within a Club but You'll need that Club registered beforehand. Otherwise you may leave the field Blank. For guidelines to register a Club, Click here.



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