Batch upload - Uploading players via the 'Existing data (csv)' file

Uploading players via the 'Existing data (csv) option:


When downloading the 'Existing data (csv)' spreadsheet it will provide you with all the registered players you have on your site. If you are amending this spreadsheet to re-upload for the start of a new season then please follow the amendment guidelines below.

Please note: All 'NEW' players need to be added directly underneath the player data you have downloaded. This results in a 'completed' and 'amended' spreadsheet having two sections - 'top section' and 'bottom section'.

New players = players that have no history within your league structure e.g. no Field filled for a player.

Top section contains:

  1. Last year's registered players and the teams they are 'still' registered to alongside all their mandatory data requirements - RegNo, FirstName, LastName, Gender, DateOfBirth, AgeGroup, RegStart, RegType. You may have included address and contact details as part of your data storage. If so, these will show.

Bottom section contains:.

  1. New registrations (NEW players): Totally NEW players that have no history within your league structure. i.e Any player details what you're about to Add.


Top section:

1. Player re-registers at the same team he played for last season:

  • No need to amend the player's details at all unless they relate to his/her contact details. The 'RegStart' date does not need to be changed.
  • Leave the 'RegEnd' column blank. By doing this, the player is still registered to that club because he has not had his registration ended.
  • Players who are staying at the same team they played for last season do not need to be re-registered in the bottom section.They are already registered because they do not have a 'RegEnd' date added.
  • If you are a league that changes your players' 'RegNumber' each year then this column can be amended if you wish.

Bottom section:

2. Transfers and adding NEW players

  • Adding new players is very straightforward and their information only needs to be added once. After this, their data can be downloaded freely from the 'Player Management' area.
  • Transfers can be made once you have uploaded your spreadsheet of all 'current' and 'newly' registered players.  All transfers can be made within the 'Player Management' system after the upload has taken place. Click here for guidelines on how to do this.
  • The only players that should be housed in the bottom section (underneath the downloaded list of 'existing player data') are those players that have no history within your league and are totally new.
  • All 'NEW' players added to the spreadsheet (bottom section) must have these mandatory fields completed - RegNumber, FirstName, LastName, Gender, DateOFBirth, TeamName, AgeGroup, RegStart, RegType (advisable to mark 'DisplayPlayer' as 'Yes').
  • The fields RegID and PlayerID are for internal use only. Leave them blank for new players and don't amend them for existing players. They are used by the database to track any kind of changes made from the previous version. 

Please note:

a) The 'bottom section' must not include players that are re-registering with the same club they were playing for at the end of the previous season. These players are left untouched in the 'top section' although you can amend the players 'RegNumber' and contact details if you wish.

b) Once you are happy with the data entered into your spreadsheet, you must save the spreadsheet to your PC >> go into the 'batch upload' area within your 'player management' section >> click on 'Browse' to locate your file >> click on 'Upload' to finish the process.

c) If there are any problems with your spreadsheet after upload, you will be alerted and pointed to the areas that need amending. If your spreadsheet has been correctly filled in, you will be asked to click  'Continue' for you to access your new player data.

d) ClubName: You can only register a player with a team within a Club but You'll need that Club registered beforehand. Otherwise you may leave the field Blank. For guidelines to register a Club, Click here.

e)These downloads can take up to 20mins to complete. You will be sent an email when the upload has completed.

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