Displaying players and hiding players from the front-end (League Website)

Displaying players and hiding players from the front-end:

  • 1. Our old system used to have a 'Player ON/OFF' button that some administrators used in order to manage their player registrations. This button has now been replaced with a 'check box' situated at the end of the player row – see screenshot below:




  • 2. When the box is 'ticked' it will mean that the player is officially displayed on the front-end (public-facing) part of your site (e.g. Team directory and Player statistics area) and will be available in the dropdown menu that appears when filling out your 'team sheets'.
  • 3. If the box is left 'unticked' then the player will still appear at the back-end (admin view only) but will not show on the front-end pages of your site in any capacity. It will also be removed from the dropdown menu for any 'team sheet' selections.
  • 4. The player will still be officially registered to his/her club whether the box is ticked or not as this is managed using the 'first day' and 'last day' dates entered into their registration. A blank 'last day' date means the player is indefinitely registered to that club until otherwise amended."


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