Download a spreadsheet of all players registered with your league (League Website)

To download a spreadsheet of your player data you have to:

  • 1. Log in as administrator and enter the 'Player Management' area on your dashboard.
  • 2. Click on the ‘batch upload’ icon which will take you to the batch upload page, as seen below.


  • 3. From here, you can choose to either download all of your existing player data onto a single spreadsheet via the 'Existing data (csv)' option, or download a 'Blank template' from where you can enter multiple new players to upload onto your site.
  • 4. When clicking on the 'existing data (csv)' option, it will download all of the existing player data you have on your site and all the relevant data associated to each player. You can use this data however you see fit.
  • 5. This download can be used at the end of a season to amend all your player data in order to re-upload to your site at the start of a new season to make sure all your player data is up to date. (Click here for more detail on this option).
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