Transfer players (League Website)

Transfer players:

  • 1. If you wish to transfer a player, you must first ensure that they have been allocated a ‘last day’ date to their existing team registration. To do this, simply click on the ‘last day’ field contained within the player’s registration and enter the date that their registration ended with that specific team, as highlighted below..


  • 2. If the player has moved to a team outside of your league or has yet to find another club (i.e. unattached) there is no need to do anything else. In this instance, the player will be housed in the ‘unregistered’ area of the player management section.


  • 3. If a player is transferring to another team within your league structure, you can add a new registration by clicking on the ‘+Add’ option and selecting ‘Add registration’. From here you will need to enter a ‘first day’ date for the player’s new registration and select the team that the player has transferred to, as seen below.



Please note:

  • When adding a new registration, you also have the option to add a ‘last day’ date. However, by leaving this date blank, it means that the player's registration to the new team will be indefinite. In this instance, you can simply enter a ‘last day ‘date into that field when you have been informed of the player’s departure or you’ve been informed of the player’s registration to a new club.
  • When you leave the ‘last day’ date blank in a player’s registration and attempt to sign that player to another team, the system will alert you that the player is already registered to another team. A player cannot be registered to multiple teams during the same time period. This will alert you to enter a ‘last day’ date into that player’s registration so that you can transfer him to a different team. This is why we advise leaving the 'last day' date blank.
  • If, when first registering a player, you have entered a 'last day' date into the player's registration, the player will be marked as ‘unregistered’ as soon as his/her ‘last day’ date lapses.
  • Adding a ‘last day’ date when registering a player, or leaving it ‘blank’ is your choice. This will depend on how you wish to manage your player registrations.


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