Adding new players (League Website) In a Team or Club

Adding new players to your site:

You can add a player to your site individually or via the ‘batch upload’ tool. The batch upload tool allows you to upload multiple player records via a single spreadsheet – all in one go (Please click here for more detail on this feature - 'Batch upload' titles).


When adding players individually to your site you must:

  • 1. Log in as administrator and enter the 'Player Management' area on your dashboard.
  • 2. Click on the 'Add new player' icon and enter the 'First name' , 'Last name' , 'Date of Birth' and 'Registration number' of your new player. The FAN number is not a mandatory field.
  • 3. Once this has been completed, simply click on 'Add player'.


  • 4. Fill out all the mandatory fields upto step 3.

  • 5. Register with a Club, if you want to register a player with All teams in a Club or a single team. But by doing so you can easily transfer a player from team to teams. 
  • 6. Please note: You need Clubs registered to use this functionality. For guidelines to register a Club, Click here.
  • 7. If you chose to register with a team, you'll need to select a Division and a Team.
  • 8. Finish the process by providing Additional info. Your player has now been registered. 



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