Drag and drop

Your club website features fantastic drag & drop technology which makes it much easier for you to organise how items are arranged on your site.


You can customise your homepage with ease using drag & drop, but that’s not all!


The drag & drop feature also allows you to arrange the order of items on your website for each of the following sections:


Committee Members / Documents / Headlines / History / Notice Board / Sponsors / Useful links


In the admin area for each section, when you hover your mouse over an item it will change to grey (below) and the cursor will change to a 4-point compass shape under the compass symbol section. Simply click the mouse and drag the item to where you want in this list and release.




The drag & drop feature also comes in very handy in your photo gallery and new video gallery. Use it to arrange albums and images (below) in the order that you’d like them to appear on the website.









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