Linking your league table to our League Website service

If your team is part of a league that uses our League Website service (e.g., you can link your league table by following the instructions below.

1. Access Team management > 'Create/Edit League' from the admin dashboard.

2. From here, you will need to select the setting 'Link to League Website'



3. Find the league that you would like to link to by typing the league name into the box and clicking the search button.

4. Select your league from the available 'Select league' drop down menu. NB: If you league does not appear in the list of available leagues please contact our support team by using the "click here" link display in the above screenshot.

5. Once you have selected your league, you must then select the division and team from the following available drop down menus.

6. Click on 'Save' to confirm your choice.

7. Your league table will now automatically display an updated information taken directly from your league website.

NB: Although your league table will be updated automatically, you will still be required to maintain your league fixtures if you wish to capture your match information - including. match report, team lines and player statistics.

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