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League fixtures are the bread and butter for most football clubs, so we’ve made it as easy as possible to setup your league on your club website, generating home and away fixtures as you do so.

It takes just a couple of minutes to setup your league – then you just add dates to the fixtures as you go along. Simples!

If you have already setup your league and don’t know how to add fixures, visit either the creating league fixtures page or the creating cup fixtures page.

How to create your league

1. Click on the admin dashboard link in your admin menu (below)


2. On your dashboard, click on the Create/Edit League link.



3. Make sure you have selected the correct team from the team dropdown menu (below) – the page will refresh with a list of all teams currently included in this team’s league.



4. To add new teams to the league, click Add teams (create fixtures) in Manage menu (right)


5. In Add teams (create fixtures) pop-up box (below), simply add an additional team by typing the team name into the box provided (NB: do not include your own team).


6. Click on Add button to add the teams to your league table.

7. To delete a team from your league, click on the 'Red Cross' located next to the team that you wish to remove. NB: deleting teams will remove all fixtures, results & stats associated with that team.

8. Once all teams are added, click on the 'Close' button. NB: team will automatically be saved to your league table once you have added them following the process above.

9. Enter the points structure for your league and select the number of times teams play each other in the season (below).


10. Click Save to confirm the updates.

Congratulations – your league is now setup and all of your league fixtures are generated. All you need to do is allocate dates to the fixtures – visit our Fixtures and Results help page to find out how.

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