My league is using the SMS Results Service. How do I text in my result?

Club Education:

How to respond to a League SMS result request:

  1. If your league is using our 'League Website' platform and they have chosen to use the 'SMS text results' service then you will receive an SMS text from your league at ‘kick-off’ time. This is to remind you to respond with your result after the match has finished (see text below):


            2. The SMS text will state the teams involved in the fixture, the date and the kick-off time. The kick-off time in the above example is 16:20pm.

            3. Your SMS text response has 3 elements:

            a) ID = short code

            b) 183014 = 6 digit match code

            c) Score (2-1) = home score first-away score second


   4. Format you need to submit - "ID"(1 space)"match code"(1 space)"scoreline"(no spaces between scoreline) E.G: ID 183014 2-1


Please note:

  • There is a space between ‘ID’ and the ‘match code’.
  • There is a space between the ‘match code’ and the ‘scoreline’.
  • There are NO spaces between the scoreline e.g. 2-1 NOT 2 – 1.
  • It is always 'home score' first and 'away score' second.
  • If the game is abandoned please ring in to the league.
  • If the fixture is a cup game, please text in the result after 90mins and ring the league with the AET score and penalties.
  • You must text in your result immediately after the game has ended.
  • As soon as you text in your result the league table will be updated instantly.



What if we forget to text the result in?

Answer: Your league will set a 'results deadline' for your result to be sent into them. You will be sent a reminder text before the deadline which will act as a prompt for you to text in your result. If you still do not remember to text in your result then you will have to ring your result into the league as scores will not be accepted after the results deadline has passed.


Why do we have to put ‘ID’ at the start of the text?

Answer: We are using a ‘shared text messaging platform’ which requires us to use a ‘word’ at the start of all the SMS texts we receive to ‘mark’ them as relevant to our site. We have chosen the shortest available word we could find – ‘ID’. If you do not put ‘ID’ at the start of your response, the text will not be recognized by the system and your result will not be processed. You will know if your submission has been successful as you will receive a confirmation text by return.


Why does the ‘match code’ have to be so long?

Answer: The match code is six digits long because we (Club Website) have set the 'SMS Results Service' up for all of the leagues we represent and this generates a huge amount of fixtures that need to be differentiated.


Why can’t the scoreline have spaces e.g. 2  -  1?

Answer: The system will not recognise the result if there is a space between the goals scored and the ‘dash’ that separates the scorelines. This is just a requirement that you need to meet. Correct format is ‘2-1’.


What if we make a mistake on our reply text e.g. entering the wrong match code?

Answer: You will receive a text telling you that your message was ‘unsuccessful’. You must reply again with the correct ‘match code’ and in the correct format.

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