Creating League Fixtures

Please note: You do not need to create league fixtures one by one. All you have to do is create your league and your club website will generate all league fixtures for you.

If you have not yet created your league, please visit our Create your league help pages to find out how.


1. Once you have created your league, your league fixtures are automatically added to your main fixtures page. You can access this page via either the Fixtures list option in the Manage menu (above) or via the Fixtures & Results link on your admin dashboard (below).



2. On your main Fixtures & Results page features a Fixtures list dropdown menu (above). By default, this shows all of your Scheduled fixtures. When you create a league, all fixtures are automatically added to the Unscheduled list, so select this option to view your league fixtures.

3. To assign dates to your league fixtures simply place your cursor in the date field and select a date from the calendar (right).

4. Once you have assigned dates, Save the changes and your fixtures will be added to the Scheduled fixture list and to the front end of your website.

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