Suggestions for accommodating 7-aside football (Which can be applied to any teams that play with less than 11 players)

Here are our suggestions for accommodating 7-a-side football:

1. There is only one match details page at the moment (with 11 players) we are looking in to providing a match details page specifically for 7-a-side football. The player numbers, 1-11, do not necessarily refer to shirt numbers they are just the starting line up. Therefore please use positions 1-7 for the starting line up and the subs positions for the subs as appropriate.

2. As you are aware there is only one league fixture created for each home and away game against the opposition. Therefore, we would suggest using the fixture that is automatically created to record the details of one of the games. You can then create another fixture to record the match details of the second fixture played on that day. You can then add the results together and enter the aggregate result in to the results grid to ensure the league table is correct.

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