Creating cup fixtures

1. Whilst league fixtures are automatically generated, all other fixtures on your website are created on a match-by-match basis.


2. To add a new fixture (after you've entered the 'Fixtures & Results' section), simply click on the Add other fixture link in the Manage menu (above)

3. This will open up the Add new fixture page (below) – from here you can add cup fixtures or any other type of fixture

4. Please note before you can add a cup fixture, you first need to create the cup competition. This is done via the Manage menu (above)

5. Similarly, before adding an ‘other’ fixture (e.g. Friendly, Exhibition, Testimonial) you first need to add that type of fixture to the list of fixture types via the Manage menu

6. Any opposition teams for cup or other fixtures must first also be added to the site via the Manage menu.

7. When adding your fixture, you can also add the date and kick-off/meeting time(s). Once this is done, click Save and the fixture will appear in the Scheduled fixture list and on the front end of your website.


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