Utilising the sponsors pod

We know how important sponsors can be to your football club, so we’ve designed your club website with this in mind.

Your sponsor logos will appear on every page of your club/team website and you can add details of each (including a website link) to a dedicated sponsors page.

But if you want to give one or more of your sponsors that extra bit of prominence on your club website homepage, you can do so with your Sponsors pod (bottom). Sponsors_pod.jpg

The Add New Sponsor page in your website admin area (below) allows you to upload two images for each sponsor. The first one of these is for the dedicated sponsors page and the sponsors bar on every page of your website.

The second (highlighted below) is reserved for the sponsors pod on your website homepage.  To fit neatly into your pod (above right) the recommended image dimensions for this section are 234 x 60 pixels.

If you don’t upload this second image, the sponsor will not appear on your homepage.

Of course, if you don’t want to give any sponsors extra prominence on your homepage, you can turn the sponsors pod off. And if you don’t have any sponsors at all, you can turn the section off altogether.


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