Issues with uploading photos

Please can you check that you are following the procedure to upload images correctly.

1. Click "Browse" to select a files to upload (this must be JPEG, GIF, or PNG in format and less than 2MB in size)

2. Once selected, click "Prepare" and then "Upload"

3. Once uploads are complete, confirm your upload by clicking the "Submit" button. This will close the image uploader and return you back to the admin section that you were updating.

4. Finally, please click on the "Update" button to confirm your changes.

If you continue to experience problems, please send us the image(s) you were trying to upload and provide us with the following information:

- your club name and website address
- the area you were up-loading a photo to (e.g. photo gallery)
- the internet browser and version you are using (e.g. Internet Explorer version 8)
- an explanation regarding what is happening


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