Changing team Admins/Reset Team admin Password

You may have added your teams and their teams to your Club website. But you can change admins to each team page whenever you want to change them. To Do this:

1. go to Team Login Details on your Dashboard.

2. You'll be able to see all the Catagories. Teams and usernames on a table view. 
3. Each of the Teams will have an Edit section on the right and can be accessed clicking on the Pencil icon.

4. A popup will appear where you can edit username, change the email address and reset the password.

5. Clicking on the Reset password will send a reset password email to the existing admin.

6. To change the admin, change their email address and click on Update and the new admin will get an email to reset their own password.

Please note:

A club admin can't set the password on behalf of the Team admin.


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