Season Archive

When your football season has finished, you should be in a position to archive that season and prepare your club website for the season ahead.

The Season Archive feature captures all information on your club website and collects it into an archive – allowing you to look back on the season for years to come.

How to create your season archive

Please note: If you have more than one team on your website, you need to create an archive for each team via the relevant team admin pages (see team dropdown menu).

To create an archive for your team:

1. Check that all match information for last season has been entered correctly
2. Click on the admin dashboard link in your admin menu.

3. On your dashboard, click on Season Archive link from the Team management section(below)


4. On Season Archive page, click on Add new archive (below)



5. Enter a Menu name and a Season Title for your season archive. Note: this info can be edited later.

6. Enter the start and finish dates for the period that you wish to archive (below).  Note: the default dates will cover your current fixtures.

7. Upload a suitable image for the completed season

8. Click Save to complete the process.

Once this is done, and you are returned to the main season archive page, click on the Preview tab (right) and check over the data to ensure that your season archive contains the correct data.

preview edit tab.jpg

Once you are satisfied that the archive is complete, you can then clear your website in preparation for next season – click here for details.

NB: Please note that if you have linked your league table to our League Website service (read more), your season archive will store the information taken from your League Website.

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