How do I register a club website?

To register a club website visit and complete the sign up form on our homepage.




Registration takes just a couple of minutes. Once completed, you will be automatically sent an email containing your own club website address (e.g. and administrator login details.

To login to your website simply click on the 'Administrator Login' link located at the very bottom of your homepage (see below).




From here just click on the part of the website that you wish to update and then it's just a case of updating text, uploading images and videos and then clicking the Save button to update your website. For further instructions on how to log in to your club website please click here


The service is designed with your average football person in mind - not techies and IT experts - so we're confident that you'll find it easy to use. If you experience any problems just click on the 'Help' button in the top right corner of your website and check out our FAQ pages. You can also submit a question to us using the 'Feedback' form located on the left hand side of your administration area. NB: The feedback form will only appear once you are logged in to your administration area.


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