The “Twitter” feature allows you to display a Twitter feed on your club website. The feed can include status updates, photos, videos, links, and comments from people that follow your club on Twitter.

This feature can be managed at either “club” or “team” administrator levels. Therefore, if required, each of your teams can incorporate their own unique team Facebook feeds.


1. To enable this feature you need to log in as the club administrator.

2. You then need to navigate to the "Add-ons" area and choose the "Recommended" section. Locate the “Twitter” feature within the list of available add-ons:


3. Click on the “Options” button to add your Twitter account. To integrate your Twitter feed, you will need to enter a Twitter Widget ID within the Options section. Click “Ok” to save your information.


Please note: to obtain your Twitter Widget ID, you will be required to create a Twitter Widget. You can find out more information on how to do this by visiting the link at  , or by following the steps outlined below.

4. Once you have “enabled” the feature, your links will appear on your front end club website pages. See below:

How do I create a Twitter Widget?

1.    Sign in to your Twitter account (visit
2.    Go to your settings and select "Widgets" (this is located on the left hand side menu)
3.    Click "Create new".


4.    Once have created a widget, you will need to take a note of the Twitter Widget ID - which will need to be added to the Options (above). This can be found on the URL located at the top of your page. See below


Where will my Twitter feed appear on my website?

Once you have added your Twitter account and enabled it within the Add-ons section, your feed will appear on your website.

The feed will appear on two sections of your website - these are:

i. on your homepage PODs (as shown above); and

ii. on the dedicated Social Media page, which is located under the News menu option - see below:


Customising your layout

Please remember that, once you have added new features and PODs to your website, you may need to readjust the layout of your homepage. This can be done by clicking on the “Customise” icon located on your administrator tool bar – see below:


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