Advert-Free service

The Advert-Free service, enables your club to utilise exactly the same club service (with all the same features) but with all the adverts removed e.g. all in page advertising and background skins/takeovers.


Subscription plan (Direct debit)

There is a monthly subscription (via direct debit) for your club to activate the Advert-Free service. The subscription charge will depend on the number of teams that your club has on your website. However,  this feature provides complete flexibility for your club to remove adverts from all your teams or from a selection of teams that appear on your website.

The subscription plan is as follows:


Key payment details

- Subscription payments are taken on a monthly basis (on the same date each month e.g. 18th)

- Payments will automatically be taken each month or until the subscription is cancelled

- Payments are taken via Gocardless the UK’s number one provider of online direct debits

- You may cancel your subscription at any time and no further monthly payments will be taken. Your website will remain advert-free until the expiry date (based on a month from your last payment date) has passed

- If your website has multiple teams your club specific pages will automatically be advert-free

Activating the Advert-Free service

To activate the feature you need to log in as the main club administrator (this feature cannot be accessed or controlled by team administrators). You then need to navigate to the Add-ons section and choose the Premium section. Find Advert-Free in the list. If you click on either Advert-Free or Find Out More it will take you to a dedicated page where there is more information about the feature:


Please note: when accessing the Add-ons section ensure you are accessing the club, and not a teams Add-ons section, by choosing the correct option in the top right drop down menu:


To activate the feature click on Purchase. Once you have clicked on Purchase a box will appear where you can select which teams to go advert-free. A summary of your selection will appear at the bottom of the list confirming the number of teams selected and the cost of your monthly subscription (see below). When you have selected the appropriate teams click on Payment.


 After you have clicked on Payment you will be taken through to Gocardless to set up and complete your direct debit payment. Once you have completed the payment you will be returned  to your website. Payment will be taken monthly on the same date each month e.g. 18th. This monthly payment will be taken automatically.  Next to the Advert-Free feature in the Add-ons section it will state when the next payment will be taken:


Whilst you are subscribing to the Advert-Free service you can also Disable/Enable the feature at any time.

Please note: disabling your feature does not cancel the subscription, it just turns the feature on or off. To cancel the subscription you must click the Cancel Subscription button in the Advert-Free Options area:


Once you have completed your payment and activated the feature the adverts will no longer display on the  teams that you selected to go advert-free.  On the club and team homepages the Advertisement Pod will have been replaced with a new  Contact Us pod which links to the respective club or team message inbox in the admin area:



Advert-Free Options

Once the feature is activated you will be able to access the Advert-Free Options button in the Add-ons section. The Advert-Free Options has two tabs:


Tab 1 - Subscription details

-  Select the teams to go advert-free based on your subscription level

-  Upgrade or downgrade your Advert-Free subscription and the amount of teams that are advert-free

-  Cancel your subscription

Tab 2 - Settings

-  Choose what to place in the areas where the adverts used to appear on your website pages

Notes on Upgrading/downgrading Advert-Free

Any upgrades or downgrades, and the appropriate change in your monthly subscription, will involve your existing monthly direct debit being cancelled immediately. You will then be asked to make a new monthly payment, set up a new direct debit and you will start a new monthly billing cycle.

However, if you are making changes to your subscription part way through a month you have already paid for a refund will be calculated and issued to your club.

Unfortunately this process is due to the limitations of collecting monthly subscriptions through direct debit.

Notes on cancelling the Advert-Free subscription

You may cancel your Advert-Free subscription at any time. When you cancel your subscription no further payments will be taken and an expiry date will be shown (based on a month from your last payment date).  After the expiry date has passed the adverts will re-activate across your website:



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