The Add-ons section (turning features on and off)

We know that some of our clubs don’t use, or want, every feature on their club website. Our design allows you to remove from your site any features that you don’t need.

These changes are made by club and team administrators via the Add-ons page accessed via your admin toolbar (below).


Once on your Add-ons page, you will see three sections available to view (below):

Standard section - contains a variety of core website features

Recommended section - contains a number of features to enhance your website

Premium section - contains options that will require a payment, or a subscription charge, to activate the feature on your website



To turn features on/off click on the Enable or Disable button next to the appropriate feature:


Any features that are turned on/off from the main club Add-ons section will be actioned across all areas of your website, including all team pages. Certain core features of your website e.g. Committee Members can only be controlled via the main club Add-ons section. These features will be greyed out and un-editable on all team Add-on pages.

Additionally, there are team specific features that will only appear and be controlled by the specific team Add-ons area.

Once a feature is turned off it will be removed from your main website menu and the pod will be removed from your homepage.

Team administrators who wish to remove features from their team pages which they cannot control due to log-in permissions please contact your main club administrator.

Options and password protection

Most features in the Add-ons section also have an Options button where you can customise the feature further (see above screenshot). When you click on the Options button a pop-up box will appear. One of the available editable options  is the ability to password protect the feature on your website (see example below):


To password protect the feature simply click the red cross (which will change to a green tick) and click Ok.

There will be one password applied to whole of your club website (club & team pages).

This password is set by the main club website administrator, although team administrators can still choose to protect sections on their team pages only.

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