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This issue may be caused due to the pop-up blocker settings on your computer. Sometimes this is displayed on your website by your cursor changing to an image of a hand with a star around it. This occurs where 'pop-ups' on your computer are being blocked.

As a shortcut way around the problem, try holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard as you click the 'Delete' button on your website. If this solves the problem, you need to address the issue with pop-ups on your computer.

To resolve this issue fully, you need to add your club website as an "Allowed Site" by following the steps below:

1) Open your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer)
2) Click on "Tools"
3) Hover over "Pop-Up Blocker"
4) Select "Pop-Up Blocker Settings"
5) Add "" as an allowed website

If you are still having problems with your website, this might be associated with another security or firewall application that you are currently running on your computer.

You will need to open this software application and find the section which controls the ad blocking (usually termed "privacy" or "ad blocking" settings). You will either need to switch this off or add Club Website as a trusted website (as above) in this area of your PC.

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