December 2017 New Updates and Releases

1. Club and League Website users can now add a separate email address to display for contact emails and chose to display it. To enable this feature, please go to the Contact us add-on and update the email address if you want a separate email address to be contacted. Click on the checkbox if you want to display the email address so that external users of the site can contact more efficiently.  

2. League website users have long been requesting not to display Juvenile division game scores on the front end of the website but they wanted to update the score for internal purpose. We've now added the requested feature for them. To hide Junior Division scores head to the League Table and find the Division itself. click on "Teams" box and expand the "Display league results". The 3rd option is 'Display results but hide score', change the drop-down box to "Yes" and "Update" the section from below. This will hide the score and only display H-H for a home win, A-A for away win and D-D for a draw.


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