December 2017 New Updates and Releases

1. Club and League Website users can now add a separate email address to display for contact emails and chose to display it. To enable this feature, please go to the Contact us add-on and update the email address if you want a separate email address to be contacted. Click on the checkbox if you want to display the email address so that external users of the site can contact more efficiently.  

2. Club Website users can now add existing Club Members/Players to different teams of the same Club. Previously, the same player had to be entered individually on each team. Now You can go to the Player & Management section and you'll find "Add Existing Club Members" in the Manage section. Clicking on the link will display a list of players who are not a part of the team you are looking at. Select the desired player and Click on "Add Members". The player Will now be a part of both of the teams. You may want to remove the player from the original team if needed.

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