November 2017 New Updates and Releases

November has been one of the biggest months of the year to receive a lot of updates on the League website platform:

1. Match report emails can now be sent to multiple users. League admins can add email addresses on "League Fixtures" options or Add-ons Modals. To send emails to multiple users, separate each of the email addresses by a comma.

2. "Player Statistics" and "Team Directory" page has received an additional functionality now. Admins and visitors can get a list of players using a variety of search criteria. The search result can now be downloaded as a Spreadsheet file(available as the Export button on top of the Players' list). When no Team is Selected in a search result, All players' Team names will be displayed beside their names. Moreover, the spreadsheet will also display the age group of the players.

3. SMS Text reply Service can now accommodate Postponed status a reply submitted by the Team Admins. To report a Postponed match result, simply Reply in the same format with only replacing the scores with P-P i.e. ID 4842985 P-P. 

4. Further improvement has been done on the Player suspension features added recently. The changes improve the feature by enabling an admin to select specific matches that a player is suspended for and also the usability has been improved by making it much clearer to the league and team admins, when a player is suspended for a particular game or period of time. This will also be reflected on the player ID card if downloaded.

5. League Admins can now select multiple teams and clone them form the Team Directory back end. When multiple teams are selected for cloning, the modal will offer the option to update the name of each team that is going to be cloned. More enhancements are on the way.

6. Club admins or Multiple team admins within the league website can now set a default team so that they don't have to select the most visited team every time from the team drop-down. The "Make Default" button is available underneath the Team Crest on each of the team pages.

Team admin Team dropdown now features the Division name on the list instead of Age group.

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