October 2017 Feature Updates and Releases

October was a big month for product team and we've released few product updates for our users. 

1. A lot of users were having issues using our flash-based uploader because Flash needs to be installed and enabled separately on every browser to view the "Browse/upload" button. It would also not be possible to use Apple devices like iPhones and Ipads to upload documents since those devices don't support Flash at all. We developed a basic HTML based uploader that works across the board on both Club and League Website platform and the users can now upload any document faster and without a hassle. 

2. The fixture wizard now takes venue conflicts across all the divisions at any given age group along with fixture conflicts. League admins can now review and make changes to these fixture conflicts before publishing.

3. League website domains are very important as expiry of a domain may take the whole website down until the domain is renewed. We've added reminders to notify the super-admins 3 times before the domain expires. A "Renew" button has been added in the Webmail and Domains section to ease the renewal process. Users must keep the email address updated to receive renewal reminders. 

4. Bracket cup competitions are now displaying "Bracket view" and Round-Robin cup competitions are now displaying "Standings" on the front-end of "Fixture and results" page for public viewing. Previously, these were only available to back-end admin view.

5. League Admins can now switch the "Opponent Star Player" and "Opponent fair-play score" mandatory/optional when submitting " Match report" by the team admins and the features are available to be turned on from the "Fixture and results" add-ons. 


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