Clone a Team to assign them in multiple divisions and fixtures

Why may you need to Clone a team?

league website currently doesn't allow you to assign one team to multiple divisions. A team must be allocated in only one division in order to generate fixtures using the Fixture Wizard. If you remove the team from their current division and assign them to a different division before you've archived the season, The fixtures and result for the team will be lost. 

This is where the Team cloning feature comes into Play. You can clone a team multiple times if they are playing multiple mini league games at the same time of the year. This will save you a lot of time creating teams and players list.

To do this: 

1. Login to your account and go to your dashboard.

2. Go to Team Directory from the fixture management section.

3. Select the division from where the team is currently playing for. 

4. Find the desired team from the list and click anywhere on the dark gray section of the team's list to expand it.

5. Clone team function will be revealed upon expansion. Click it and you'll be prompted to set a unique name for the team. Though it'll allow you to have the same name for the cloned team as it's better not to use the exact same name to avoid confusion. Check the box if you want to replicate player registration as well.  


6. The team Will initially be assigned to Other Division. 

7. You can Allocate the new team to a different division right away using the 'Edit' section of the team name or you can do the same in the Fixture wizard section available on the Dashboard.

8. To do this from the fixture wizard, simply select the Division and click on the Allocate team button.

9. Select the team from the Dropdown and click confirm.

10. Now you've technically a single team in multiple divisions.








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