League Website: Club Functionality (Add a club, add teams to a club and switch players within teams of a club)

League admins or Club admins may wish to transfer players from one team to another. If a Club admin wants to do so, he needs to make sure he's managing the club and all the teams of his club have him as the admin.

 Clubs can be registered from the Administration section of League admin's dashboard. 

A League admin can register a Club manually by "Register a Club" or they can invite the club admin by email on the Manage section. 

1. Both League and Club admin (after opening the Club registration email) will have to provide Club Admin contact details on Step 1 and 2.

2. On step 3, input Name of the Club and use the search icon to add already registered teams within your league website. For new teams, just type in their name. A league admin will be able to enlist any team within the league for the newly registered club but a Club admin will be able to add only the teams already managed by their email address. 

3. Finally, assign the Teams to a division and select a category/ age group for the teams and save the section.

4. A league admin can also add teams to a club later by inviting the club admin to manage a team from the Dashboard > Administration> Team Administrator section and the club admin will have to add teams to his club from his Club Login dashboard in future. If there is no admin associated with a team, they won't show up to be added later by the club admins. So, In order to manage a club, a club admin must be invited as both Team admin and Club admin.

Only for Club Admins:

If a Club Admin is invited by the league admin to setup their Club and add teams in it, they will need to register their Club using the link sent to their email address. Upon clicking the link, they'll be taken to the League website Club registration page and the process will look like above. Finish registering your Club and you'll receive another email when your admin approves club registration. 

Once a team admin has been approved as a club admin, he'll always be logging in as the Club admin but will be able to view his teams which are not a part of any club yet.

Unlike team admins, Club admins can add teams to their Club that they already manage as a team manager using the same email address.

Add or remove teams:
A Club admin can add-remove new or existing teams to his club. In the case of existing teams, they must be already managed by them using the same email address or else they won't show up. A Club admin can manage multiple clubs and multiple teams. 


Switch Players from one team to another team within the same club:

Club admins can now switch players from one team to another team if the players are registered with the club or a team which is also registered within a Club. otherwise a club admin can't perform this task.

To do this Login as Club admin and follow the steps:
1. Go to the Team from the Dropdown where you want to transfer the player.
2. Switch to the player tab and click "Add player" button.
3. select Add an existing Club player (this function won't show unless there is a player available to be added).

4. Select the player you want to add by ticking the checkbox and click on "Add players"
5. The Player will now be registered for 2 teams and they will be able to receive stats for multiple teams.

Please Note:

1.Unless you're a club manager, you can't use the switch functionality. So if you're a league who only have teams but no clubs registered, please get your club and Club admin registered, add the teams in it and The Club admin will be able to move players within those teams.

2. League admins can also register players with a club, all the teams of a club or only one team of a club from their dashboard. 


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